Dedicated to high-precision microfabrication

Attention to detail: exacting standards. Our philosophy is to ensure a precision that can rarely be measured with standard techniques. Some of our customers ask for a lateral repeatability of 200nm or less. And we make it. The performance of our customers' devices depends on the unique potential of our technology.

Fabrication services

microworks fabricates microstructures from Ni, NiCo, Au and hardened Au. Smallest details under 1µm; heights between 1 and 2000µm. We use IMT's LIGA beamlines at the ANKA synchrotron as well as the LIGA beamlines at the DELTA synchrotron at Dortmund University for pattern generation.
We are a full service operator for X-ray LIGA, from layout to mask making to making parts and assembly into sub systems. We would like to refer you to the product data sheets section.