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According to the requirements of the final product, microworks can offer microstructures in two different types of electrodeposited gold. Pure gold, opaque to X-rays and highly biocompatible, is mainly suitable for medical applications such as fiducial X-ray markers, corrosion resistance or ultra-high vacuum applications. Hard gold, containing 98% gold and less than 2% Cadmium, is a special alloy for increased hardness (200Hv instead of 80Hv), required e.g. in the watch industry.

microworks' technology now allows to create LIGA structures with 2µm features over a height of 250µm. Aspect ratios of 100 can be reached, important e.g. for the fabrication of absorption gratings for X-ray phase contrast imaging. Combined with the complete 2D-freedom offered by LIGA technology, there is a large variety of applications: from highly functional and simply beautiful watch parts to absorption gratings and X-ray markers.

Photograph by Felix Schiebel

As far as we know the only Golden Gate Bridge made of pure gold. The 2 cm large model was made by laser lithography.