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Bruker microCT of Belgium has introduced the SKYSCAN 1294, the first commercially available desktop phase-contrast microtomography scanner. This device will allow doctors and researchers to produce highly detailed 3D images of previously invisible tissue and materials in a non-invasive manner. The pioneering scanner is equipped with precisely aligned, 4.8µm period gratings made by microworks. The Talbot-Lau setup was optimized for 30keV design energy. Microworks is developing the next generation of gratings intended for higher design energy and increased sample sizes (50keV and up to 100mm ? are already available). The first SKYSCAN 1294 is now being used by the CT research group headed by Prof. Johann Kastner at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Wels, Austria.

Rainbow colours generated by a microworks phase grating. A three grating set-up is used in Bruker microCT's new tomography machine Skyscan 1294.