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ASICON, Tokyo Ltd. has been the exclusive representative of microworks in Japan, Taiwan and Korea since early 2014. Because the business relationship has been very successful, ASICON and microworks signed an agreement to continue this relationship until March 31, 2018. “Our partner Mr. Tomoaki Tsugita has long experience in selling x-ray LIGA parts. Together with his knowledge of the Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean x-ray markets, this makes him the ideal distributor in those countries,” says Dr. Joachim Schulz, Managing Director of microworks.

ASICON’s website and contact information can be found here:

An example of x-ray LIGA parts for the Japanese market: Three 80µm-thick gold plates with an array of 3, 4 and 5µm-wide holes.

A close-up taken with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) shows the extreme regularity of these 2D structures, which have an aspect ratio of 25.