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Microworks makes high-precision parts by using x-ray radiation from a synchrotron. The main source is ANKA, a synchrotron at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).  The DELTA synchrotron at the TU Dortmund University can now be used as a backup source. The installation of a Jenoptik DEX01 scanner was performed by master’s student Jennifer Bolle under the supervision of Dr. Michael Paulus and Prof. Metin Tolan. Microworks supported this work by supplying coated wafers and access to SEM inspections, and by making a dedicated x-ray mask using 200µm-thin graphite as a carrier membrane.

“We are proud to have updated the LIGA beamline”, says Prof. Metin Tolan. “The partnership between microworks and the TU Dortmund University is an example of a new kind of cooperation between universities and small- and medium-size enterprises. Even the installation phase proved to be extremely fruitful, with great synergy between microworks and us.” Dr. Joachim Schulz, managing director of microworks, adds: “Access to this second source ensures that we can reliably supply LIGA parts to the market. In the long run, we expect to benefit from DELTA’s special beam characteristics.”

X-ray mask with several types of test patterns to qualify the structural quality of x-ray lithography at DELTA.

250µm-thick resist patterns in high magnification showing the excellent pattern fidelity of exposures at DELTA. (Photos by Pascal Meyer, KIT/IMT).