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Top Unistar acts as a vendor in China for X-ray equipment and system solutions, targeting research institutions and the R&D departments of high-end manufacturing clients. The company has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Chengdu, which together form a vast geographic rhombus. “Their strategy is as close to microworks’ strategic focus as it gets”, says Dr. Joachim Schulz, general manager of microworks. “We are very happy about this new partnership with a well-known distributor for high-tech X-ray equipment”, he adds. With its specialization in X-ray lithography, microworks has already served several Chinese clients during the past years. But the Chinese market is unique, and a locally acting partner is key to efficiently serving Chinese customers and producers.

Top Unistar’s website and contact information can be found here:

With its focus on X-ray experimenters and equipment producers, Top Unistar is an excellent partner for distributing microworks' products in China.