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Microworks' Competence on Display at the 2019 XNPIG Conference in Japan

With 148 participants in Sendai, Japan, this year’s conference on “X-Ray and Neutron Imaging with Gratings” (XNPIG) was a big success.

In his introductory talk, Prof. Franz Pfeiffer (TU Munich) stressed the potential for dark-field imaging to reveal structures significantly below the pixel size of the detector used. This was recently demonstrated for the first time in a patient study to investigate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) of the human lung. Microworks’ managing director Dr. Joachim Schulz commented: “We are very proud that this great step to get dark- field imaging from bench to bedside was made possible using our gratings.” In related news, this year’s prestigious Henry Fox Talbot Award went to Konstantin Willer, the young scientist responsible for building the patient scanning system.

Many further uses for dark-field imaging were showcased at the XNPIG conference, ranging from medical applications to nondestructive testing to revealing certain biological mechanisms. Several Japanese companies presented their ability to assemble complete machines while others promoted their expertise in making X-ray gratings. Dr. Joachim Schulz pointed out, “This is a good sign that the X-ray market is ready for the innovative potential of phase-contrast and dark-field imaging, which should increase microworks’ prospects for growth.”

Lively interest in the Microworks/Asicon booth during this year'™s XNPIG conference in Sendai, Japan.