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Microworks secures access to KIT’s KARA synchrotron until end of 2024

The KIT, birthplace of X-ray LIGA technology, and Microworks, a KIT spin-off company, have renewed a contract providing Microworks with X-ray beam time and access to the LIGA beamlines run by the Institute for Microstructure Technology (IMT) at the KARA synchrotron. The contract runs for three more years until the end of 2024.

Microworks produces highly precise metal microstructures made via X-ray lithography and electroplating (the LIGA process). “The key benefit for our customers is the extremely high aspect ratio formed by the intense and highly parallel X-rays of a synchrotron”, says managing director Joachim Schulz.

Microworks recently introduced an array of new products for X-ray imaging optics. Other parts standardly produced by Microworks such as microgears and micro spectrometers hark back to the very first days of IMT’s research focus on LIGA technology. “The renewed contract enables us to continue along the path of changing Microworks from a purely innovative engineering group to a fabrication company and key supplier in our markets,” says Joachim Schulz.

High-aspect ratio polymer patterns made by X-ray LIGA technology. Height-to-width ratios (H/W) from 10 to 100 are possible.
Photo: Pascal Meyer, KIT-IMT