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The story of our tiny challenge

Customers have urged us to make our gratings larger and larger - so this one came as a surprise: Dr. Pia Valdivia from Johns Hopkins University and her team at the OMEGA EP Laser facility called for less than 2x2mm² with the 20µm high gold, 2.4µm period gratings carried by an incredibly thin 3µm polymer layer. Somewhere between fear of failing and our love for special challenges, we decided to accept this request.
Necessity is the mother of invention - after several failures, our first time ever integration of silicon anistropic etching with LIGA microstructures is now a standard process at microworks. And our faces happily lit up when the customer supplied the results of incredibly homogenous Moiré fringes of x-rays at 8keV.

#integration #mems #customeroriented #challenge #ligatechnology