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Scientific References

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Super-resolution x-ray phase-contrast and dark-field imaging with a single 2D grating and electromagnetic source stepping.
Rix KR, Dreier T, Shen T, Bech M
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Generating Haptic Textures with a Vibrotactile Actuator
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carbon fibre reinforced polymers with metal components
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Note: Gratings on low absorbing substrates for x-ray phase contrast imaging
Koch F J, Schröter T J, Kunka D, Meyer P, Meiser J, Faisal A, Khalil M I, Birnbacher L, Viermetz M, Walter M, Schulz J, Pfeiffer F, Mohr J
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Improved visualization of breast cancer features in multifocal carcinoma using phase-contrast and dark-field mammography: an ex vivo study
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Medical Physics/arXiv:1412.6824

Fast data acquisition method in x-ray differential phase contrast imaging using a new grating design
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X-ray phase-contrast imaging at 100 keV on a conventional source
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Imaging Liver Lesions Using Grating-Based Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography with Bi-Lateral Filter Post-Processing
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Increasing the field of view of x-ray phase contrast imaging using stitched gratings on low absorbent carriers
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Development and Characterization of a new Dynode Multiplier for Missions to Harsh Radiation Environments
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Motionless phase stepping in X-ray phase contrast imaging with a compact source
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Results from the first preclinical CT scanner with grating based phase contrast and a rotating gantry
Bech M, Tapfer A, Velroyen A, Yaroshenko A, Pauwels B, Bruyndonckx P, Liu X, Sasov A, Mohr J, Walter M, Pfeiffer F
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Experimental validation of image contrast correlation between ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering and grating-based dark-field imaging using a laser-driven compact X-ray source
Bech M, Schleede S, Potdevin G, Achterhold K, Bunk O., Jensen T H, Loewen R, Ruth R, Pfeiffer F
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High aspect ratio gratings for X-ray phase contrast imaging
Mohr J, Grund T, Kunka D, Kenntner J, Leuthold J, Meiser J
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First Results from a Preclinical X?Ray Phase?Contrast CT Scanner
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Development of a prototype gantry system for preclinical x?ray phase?contrast computed tomography
Tapfer A, Bech M, Pauwels B, Liu X, Bruyndonckx P, Sasov A, Kenntner J, Mohr J, Walter M, Schulz J, Pfeiffer F
Medical Physics: Vol.38, Issue 11, 2011, DOI: 10.1118/1.3644844


Refraction and Scattering based x-ray imaging
PhD Thesis Torben Haugaard Jensen, Niels Bohr Institute Copenhagen

Happy faces at the award ceremony 2019 for the Otto Haxel Award. From right to left: Prof. Manfred Popp, President of the Freundeskreis des Forschungszentrum Karlsuhe, Dr. Joachim Schulz and Thomas Beckenbach of Microworks, and Dr. Jürgen Mohr and Dr. Pascal Meyer of KIT/IMT.

Photography: Markus Breig, KIT