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Dedicated to high-precision microfabrication

Attention to detail: exacting standards. Our philosophy is to ensure a precision that can hardly be measured by standard methods. Some of our customers ask for a lateral repeatability of 200nm or less. And we deliver. The performance of our customers' devices depends on the unique qualities of our technology. The video gives a good impression of what we do.

Fabrication services

Microworks fabricates microstructures from Ni, NiCo, Au and hardened Au. The smallest details are under 1µm; heights range between 1 and 2000µm. We use the LIGA beamlines at the KARA synchrotron as well as the LIGA beamline at the Dortmund University of Technology's DELTA synchrotron for pattern generation.
We are a full-service X-ray LIGA provider, from layout design to mask making to creating parts and assembling them into subsystems.

Video showing how Microworks makes X-ray optical components.
Animation by Engenhart-Buero for Design