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Dedicated to high-precision microfabrication

LIGA technology uses X-ray lithography to obtain polymer structures with vertical and extremely smooth sidewalls of, you name it, 10 to 2000µm thickness. These lithographic templates are then filled by electroplating to obtain micro- to millimeter-sized metal parts of the highest precision and typically of large height to width ratios.

In addition to all aspects of X-ray lithography, our core competence is to electroplate gold and its alloy Au-Cd in very large heights up to 400µm. This allows to make the best pin-holes for X-rays for a vast range of energies.

We offer proficiency in all aspects of X-ray lithography, including X-ray mask making. For a more detailed description of the technology please follow this link to

Our core competence lies in electroplating gold and other elements such as nickel or bismuth to extreme heights/widths. This allows us to make precise pinholes for X-rays, gratings (grids/masks) for improved X-ray imaging, polarizers for infrared light, as well as many other bespoke microstructures.


  • LIGA process sequence: Exposure
  • LIGA process sequence: Electroplating
  • LIGA process sequence: Finishing to height
  • LIGA process sequence: Stripping and removal of the substrate
  • LIGA technology’s unique features: tall, narrow structures and extremely smooth sidewalls.